The Unsung Hero

simon glue

The Norrtälje Dockers have reached new heights in 2016, pushing for their first finals berth in the club’s history. A lot of their success has come from their strong development program, where they have taken men that have never seen the sport of Australian Football in the past, and taught them the fundamentals of the game and grown their skills from scratch.

Although, their rise to the top has not just been from their ability to teach the game to new players but through the art of recruiting those that have played the sport their whole lives and are truly committed to building a stronger Dockers team. The Schultes, Iannacones and Howards come and go in AFL in Sweden, but a man (who wished not to be named) has become, as they say, the glue of the Dockers, in 2016.

This ‘well-rounded’ power forward, has giving the Dockers his heart and soul and has brought the team together creating a magnet effect within the playing group. His modesty and humbleness exudes from him, even when he plays a game that all of the youngsters beside him dream of, kicking 3.2 against a tough Årsta opponent.

This un-named hero doesn’t need perfect service from the backline and midfield, as he creates opportunities through his athleticism and knowledge of the sport. He manhandles his opposition with his Popeye like brut force, which he gets, not from spinach, but from an ice-cold JD and coke that he most generously shares with the rest of his team and anyone passing by, really.

This legend of the game, who does not need these accolades and attention, will officially be honoured at the Dockers first home match after the summer break on the 13th August, against the Bromma Vikings. Even though, this man who is sometimes called ‘The Footy’, was rumoured to a switch to the Vikings, all gossip will be put to bed with an official naming of the after match recovery bar at The D, in Norrtälje, after the round 8 clash, ironically against Bromma.

The pop-up bar, which will honour this mystery man, will serve drinks for the whole family, including JD, Jack and Coke, Jack Daniels and cola and much more.

Although this quiet mention could go on for many more pages, it would only bring on more of red glow to the man who shall not be named. So to the great man himself (you know who you are), we at the Dockers wanna say something. We are gonna put it out there; if you like it, you can take it, if you don’t, send it right back … We want to be on you.

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