Honour Roll

Best and Fairest

The best and fairest award is presented to the player who receives the most points in voting from Umpires during the year. The award is presented yearly at the team Awards Night.

Year Best and Fairest Runner-Up
2015 Ryan Tucker Buster Sund
2014 Max Skärlén Buster Sund
2013 Buster Sund
2012 Max Skärlén Jeremy Darke

Club Awards

The club Awards are on-field Awards for players that have excelled in certain areas throughout the year.

Year Rookie of the Year Best Back Best Midfielder Best Forward Most Improved Golden Boot
2015 Martynas Alijosius Marcus Holmberg (18)
2014 Karl-Axel Karpelin Erik Lindqvist Max Skärlén Joel Sund Fredrik Schubert Buster Sund (16)
2012 Joel Sund Erik Lindqvist Jeremy Darke Christian Duwin Oscar Westlén Max Skärlén

Special Awards

These Awards are created especially for the people receiving them, acknowledging their contributions both on and off the field.

Year Coaches Awards Mark of the Year Tackle of the Year Goal of the Year Clubman of the Year Players Player
2015 Buster Sund Buster Sund
2014 N/A N/A N/A Buster Sund Olov Westlén
2013 N/A N/A N/A N/A Chris Hultgren
2012 Albert Bergström Jeremy Darke Joel Sund Max Skärlén N/A

Honourable Mentions

Light-hearted Awards picked by the playing Group.

Year Cleanest Jumper Dirtiest Jumper Grass Cutter Courageous Effort
2015 Erik Lindqvist
2014 N/A N/A Christian Duwin & Fredrik Schubert Joel Sund
2012 Chris Hultgren Buster Sund N/A N/A

Club Executive

The Club Executive are the driving force of the Norrtälje Dockers club and year after year ensure the players are able to take the field in the best possible position.

Year President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Football Operations Coach
2016 Niklas Jonsson Buster Sund Oscar Westlén Erik Lindqvist Jeremy Darke Ryan Tucker/Jeremy Darke
2015 Chris Hultgren Gustav Svensson Niklas Jonsson Erik Lindqvist Max Skärlén Ryan Tucker
2014 Ryan Tucker Max Skärlén Chris Hultgren Albert Bergström Jeremy Darke Jeremy Darke/Ryan Tucker
2013 Ryan Tucker Max Skärlén Chris Hultgren Albert Bergström Jeremy Darke Jeremy Darke/Ryan Tucker
2012 Ryan Tucker Björn Molin Micke Israelsson Albert Bergström N/A Jeremy Darke/Ryan Tucker

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